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Cold Blooded Creativity

Lizard Brain

I subscribed to a podcast by Merlin Mann a couple of years ago called 43 Folders (and You Look Nice Today). It has become one of my favorite podcasts, though the episodes are few and far between. The last one was was an interview by Mann with Linchpin author Seth Godin. I’ve listened to it twice now, and still can’t bring myself to delete it.

Their discussion was about the lizard brain and how it stands in the way of your creativity. They explain how the lizard brain is there on the brain stem, beneath the brain that we know, and that we see pictures of. Godin’s theory is that we no longer really need it because we don’t run into the threats of saber tooth tigers and the like. I can’t really go into it much further without just plagiarizing the interview word for word. I can say, however, that after listening to the podcast, I discovered my lizard brain annoys the hell out of me, and I feel has held me back from doing things that I would like to have done time and time again. If you were to learn how to control that thought process the way they explain in the podcast (and I presume Godin’s book, Linchpin), it would free you to do a lot more in your life without having that voice telling you that you shouldn’t or can’t.

You should definitely give it a listen because it really got me thinking. Also, I just love the talk of psychological theories from people who fool me into believing they know something about it.